We are a group of researchers with a wide range of active research projects investigating different aspects of human life. We are seeking new volunteers who are interested in taking part in research studies conducted by the University. Our volunteers are a vital part of our research and their contribution is greatly valued.

We maintain a list of volunteers who are invited to take part in research studies. Our volunteers enjoy the experience of taking part in our studies online and in-person at the University.

Personal information about our volunteers is treated in strict confidence; no-one except the research team will ever know your results from our studies. Our findings are always communicated in print in such a form that it is impossible to identify information about any particular individual. Volunteers may withdraw from the research at any time without giving a reason.

See Testimonials from our Researchers here.

Wondering about details? Check our FAQ here.

We hope you will enjoy being one of our volunteers; we look forward to seeing you.